Coach Clemmons (left) with Coach Strickland and the FCS Golf Team 

Guide to Buying Junior Golf Clubs*
Length: Clubs that are too long, cause the junior to choke down on the grip. Choking down more than two inches can ruin a swing. It requires the yougster to manipulate the swing to get the club around the body. Short clubs create a hunched over posture and dipping during the swing that results in weak or missed shots. Kids are born with great natural hitting ability. Let them rip away with the correct length clubs. Shaft Flex: The next consideration is shaft flex. The main problem with cut-down clubs for juniors is the stiffness of the shafts. When you take 4-5 inches of length off a golf club, you make the shaft extremely stiff. And this explains why juniors using cut-down clubs are unable to get any height on their shots. Rod uses light-weight steel and graphite shafts specially manufactured to make junior golf clubs more playable. Check to make sure that your junior player's set of clubs has a shaft with enough flex to unload and give the ball a good pop. Weight: The weight of the golf club is also very important to junior golfers. If the club is overly heavy, the player will struggle to take the club to the top of the backswing. The struggle to get the club back causes a manipulation of the swing that results in inconsistency. A lighter club will help the junior get the club in the correct position at the top of the swing, and lead to an easily repeatable swing. You want clubs that are light enough to fit your child's age, height, weight, and athletic ability. Grip Size: The last consideration is grip size. Paying attention to grip size for young golfers is a particular advantage of a custom fit. In the past, clubs were cut down and any grip that fit the shaft was put on. But oversized grips cause the same problems for juniors as they do for adult golfers. If the grip feels like a baseball bat, it's going to change the swing mechanics. So when buying a set of junior clubs, make sure they are fitted with grips that match the player's hand size.  Set Make Up  Start the beginner with clubs he or she can manage.  Generally this means a high-lofted driver, a hybrid utility club, #6 and #8 irons, a sand wedge, and a putter.  For the advanced player, the scoring clubs---Driver, Wedges, Putter---are crucial to success and should be custom fit for optimum success.
 *With the help of some ideas posted by Frank Mantua, Director of Golf, US Golf Camps


Get your junior off to the right start with correct instruction.

Instruction:  Rod is a TSSAA certified golf coach, and he teams up each summer with Maple Hill Golf Range in Lebanon, Tennessee, to provide free clinics for junior golfers (Check for dates and times).  Rod has coached the Friendship Christian High School golf team for the past four years and provides swing coaching to select junior golfers in Middle Tennessee.   Feel free to text 615-495-4868 or e-mail him for advice about your junior’s golfing needs:  Another resource for junior golfers is the Tennessee junior golf tour sponsored by the Tennessee Golf Association.